Mission & History

Mission & History

The mission of the Research Advocacy Network is to develop a network of advocates and researchers who influence cancer research–from initial concept to patient care delivery—through collaboration, education and mutual support.

We believe that patient-focused research holds the greatest hope for improvements in treatment, diagnostics and prevention. Our goals are to:

  • Get the results of research studies (new treatments) to patients more quickly
  • Give those touched by the disease opportunities to give back to the cancer community
  • Help the medical community improve the design of research studies so that more people are willing to participate in clinical trials.

We also believe that dissemination of research results to the medical community and patients can have a major impact on clinical practice.

The Research Advocacy Network (RAN) is a nonprofit* organization formed in 2003 to bring together participants in the research process with a focus on educating, supporting and connecting patient advocates with the medical research community. While there are many organizations that address the needs of patients with specific diseases, advocate in the political arena, promote cancer education and raise money, no other organization advances research through advocacy.