New Approach to Advocacy

New Approach to Advocacy

Research Advocacy Network uses innovative approaches to change the system for the patient.


Research Advocacy Network uses innovative approaches to change the system for the patient. Dissemination of research results

  • Options/ UpDate- companion newsletters aimed at patients and healthcare professionals focusing on a specific topic Issue 1: Breast Cancer, Issue 2: Colon Cancer
  • "What It Means for Me” Fact Sheets™ – short easy to read recaps of studies that will change clinical practice


Research Advocacy Network collaborates with all stake holders in the medical research community to enhance the effectiveness of advocates and advocate organizations. Working with Cancer Centers

  • Collaborated with Siteman Cancer Center and the St. Louis Komen Affiliate to develop a program to increase awareness of and participation in research advocacy
  • Research Advocacy Network directs the Advocate Core at the Indiana University Department of Defense Breast Cancer Center of Excellence and is developing a network of advocates and advocate organizations to support IU research.


Research Advocacy Network uses the latest technology to reach a larger audience of advocates. Advocate education

  • The Advocate Institute™ provides advocates with multiple modalities of learning to improve their effectiveness in interactions with the research “world”. The Institute uses innovative curriculum, on-site presentations and online learning opportunities.
  • Focus on Research™ is a system of preparatory conference calls, virtual classroom (webinars), learning materials and mentoring to prepare advocates to attend research oriented meetings.

Best Practices

Research Advocacy Network applies best practices from other industries to inform research design. Market Research

  • Research Advocacy Network used the models of focus groups and structured interviews taken from the Market Research industry to inform the design of the PACCT-1 clinical trial.