RAN 2013 Conference: Clinical Trials in the Era of Genomic Medicine

Input from advocates during the design phase has made a difference in the outcomes of cancer clinical trials. Advocates are key stakeholders in clinical trials and are being asked to be involved in the design of clinical trials at earlier stages but need to be prepared and trained for this involvement. On November 20‐22, 2013, Research Advocacy Network hosted a symposium for advocates to address this need for earlier advocate input. Conveners invited advocates involved in multi institution clinical trials with the NCI Cooperative Groups and NCI Steering Committees to participate in this unique opportunity.

Objectives for the symposium were to:
*Understand why cancer clinical trials need to be designed differently in the genomic era;
*Identify the elements of clinical trial design that need to change and how;
*Understand the difference between traditional empiric clinical trial design and a rational target‐based approach;
*Identify ethical issues that result from these new approaches;
*Improve communication skills to better articulate the patient perspective.

Download the report here.