Hoosier Cancer Research Network

Hoosier Cancer Research Network

Research Advocacy Network has worked with Hoosier Cancer Research Network (formerly Hoosier Oncology Group) to incorporate advocates in meaningful ways and to advance the research throughout the Hoosier group's network.

Hoosier Cancer Research Network, formerly known as Hoosier Oncology Group, is an independent not-for-profit organization established to explore and develop leading edge cancer treatments across the United States and internationally. Our clinical trials, developed in collaboration with academic and community oncologists, are conducted within a member network of more than 130 clinical research sites.

Hoosier Cancer Research Network’s vision and mission is to form unparalleled relationships between academic, community, pharmaceutical, and biotech partners with the goal of advancing cancer research, education, and patient advocacy. RAN works with this group to develop advocacy programs to provide the patient perspective to the research being conducted within the Hoosier Cancer Research Network. 

The desired outcomes of the advocacy program include:

  • Greater participant satisfaction with their clinical trial experience
  • More support systems made available for patients from diagnosis through treatment
  • Increased community awareness of the research being conducted
  • Educate patients in the benefits of participating in a clinical trial
  • New approaches to dissemination of research results

For more information about Hoosier Cancer Research Network: http://hoosiercancer.org/