About Us

About Us

The Research Advocacy Network advances patient-focused cancer research by fostering interaction among advocates, researchers and related organizations.

We are the only nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing cancer research through advocacy. While there are a myriad of organizations hard at work addressing the needs of patients with specific diseases, advocating in the political arena, delivering education and raising funds, no one else does what we do. Our approach is collaborative, not competitive. We work with other cancer-centered organizations to help them meet the needs of their stakeholders. We harness advocates’ passion to:

  • Develop a network of advocates and researchers that influences how research programs are designed and conducted and how results are disseminated
  • Equip advocates to affect change in the medical research system
  • Mobilize a network of people around issues of patient-focused research.

What is research advocacy?

  • Advocates channel the passion they have for making a difference for cancer patients into the research process by:
  • Driving the questions research tries to answer
  • Protecting the patients who participate in research

Disseminating research results.