Programs & Services

Programs & Services

We serve both patient advocates and the research community, with the ultimate goal of improving care for cancer patients.

A.              Partnership Models

We promote effective communication between the research and patient communities and deliver consulting services that foster partnerships between these groups. We understand the specific needs and desires of both communities and focus on their shared purpose of getting treatments to patients faster and more cost effectively.

B.              Networking

We connect trained advocates with research opportunities via our unique AdvocateLink matching service, and we provide a communications center where advocates can interact with one another and with researchers to share successes and solve problems.

C.              Measurement and Evaluation

We evaluate and assess the effectiveness of advocate activities in basic, translational and clinical research.

D.              Education

We educate and empower advocates with in-depth training through our Advocate Institute and by providing news updates to keep them well informed.

E.              Research Dissemination

We provide models and tools that accelerate the communication of research results to improve patient care.